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Padded Panties and Butt Enhancers or20

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PUSH - UP briefs with Brazilian effect

Three colors (flesh, black, white)

It's a brilliant innovation on market, worn by USA stars

NEW!  Brazilian bum!

Brilliant  PUSH - UP briefs with Brazilian effect mean sexy buttocks in few seconds!



If you are looking for slimming, shaping and correcting underwear, you couldn't choose a better place! We are the biggest shop with slimming underwear on Internet!. Here you will find a wide choice of slimming corsets , modeling bodies, post-natal belts, that shapes the waist and stomach. All that in a relatively low price. Cosmopolitus is the brand, to which you will return.

Our slimming and correcting underwear is the fastest way to a slim  figure and to feel great. Choosing the Orriose Offer you will easily and cheaply gain an outstanding figure. As the trustworthy seller, both online and traditional, we have hundreds of thousands of buyers in Poland and in many European countries.

Prices attractive for customers don't have to be equal with bad quality of products!. It is the result of buying them from the direct importer with many trade contracts. So if you need too loose few inches in hips or get rid of an unnecessary fold of fat on stomach, choose our underwear.

Thanks to slimming, shaping and correcting underwear, which we directly import, you can gain beautiful and slim figure in few minutes. No surprise party will surprise you now, because PUSH - UP briefs with Brazilian effect will effectively shape your bum and figure. It's the final end of the flat bum problem!!!

Flat and not emphasized buttocks will no longer cause you sleep problems. A beautiful, Brazilian bum is in your reach. Thanks to briefs that correct and shape your buttocks and perfectly emphasize their assets. Discreet sponge fillers will emphasize and highlight the shape of your buttocks. Thanks to it your buttocks will became shaped and they will caught the eye of men.

PUSH - UP briefs with Brazilian effect  were made from high quality material that guarantees the durability and elegancy. This material is made of polyester and nylon used in modern technologies of textile products



1) Products on our auctions are brand new.

2) Products are thoroughly photographed so you will not buy "a pig in a poke"

3) You have all the monument's laws, in every package you will find the receipt.

4) We are the direct importer of slimming underwear, so you have the guaranty of an attractive price and the biggest choice.

5) we are the company with great experience and also the biggest online seller of slimming underwear. 


PROS OF PUSH - UP briefs with Brazilian effect

1) Briefs were made of the durable and resistant MICRONET with the structure of micro-openings and "honeycomb" shape. Thank to it skin breaths easily and PUSH - UP BRIEFS do not cause abrasions or chafes.

2) BRIEFS are brilliant innovation on Polish narket! Thanks to them your buttocks will look voluptuous and sexy. Briefs will change the shape of you bum, giving it an improved, full shape, to make you feel and look sexy!

3) by correcting the shape of your bum, briefs will emphasize assets of your shape and increase your sex apeeal by cathing men's eye.

4). Briefs perfectly fit to a body, flatten the stomach and smoothes the line of hips.

5) BRIEFS have inside "POCKETS" for special SPONGE fillers. This solution keeps MAXIMUM DISCRETION and AMAZING EFFECTS!

6) The quantum-lacy layout makes PUSH - UP briefs with Brazilian effect not only provide the desired effect but also make your underwear more attractive.

7) Briefs are worn for years by USA stars.

PUSH - UP BRIEFS with Brazilian effect are perfect for women:

- who have a flat bum or boyish shape,

- who want to improve their shapes and have the effect of sexy and voluptuous shape,

- ON A DIET, that caused flat or sagged buttocks,

- who want to improve the shape of their buttocks to look and feel sexy.



While choosing the size pay attention to your current hips size ( considering that waist size is not higher than hips size). After measuring it, choose a proper one from the size table below. We do not offer smaller and bigger sizes, than those after measuring. 





Hips Size  [cm]

S (36/38)


M (38/40)


L (40/42)



- flesh

- white

- black

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Jemný vrkočový a dierovaný vzor, pletený plážový, plátené s potlačou, výstrihom, v mnohých farbách a so zaujímavými strihmi. Zaoblený, hranatý a " A " tvaru. Sneakers žakár s šnúrkami bez šnúrok, Vans , Converse, bežecké, chudnúce, členkové a žabky .Gladiátorky, ihličky alebo topánky typu peep toe, na kline, ľahké, lesklý. teplé, módne, jesenné, luxusné, na vysokom klinu, ??s kožúškom a treková .Kapce, zateplené,leopardy, veľkostne a stylovo ok. výška, na podpätku, bez podpätku, na kline, na platforme, na zips alebo na zaväzovanie , po celý rok . Strih , eko semiš Podšívka , tenký opätok , páskové a na odolnom podpätku . Kožená stielka pracka cez priehlavok na suchý zips , náhradné podpätky.Farba: oranžová, ružová, fialová, červená,biela, žltá, čierna, Modrá, hnedá, zelená, farebna. Tovar podľa farieb: oranžove, ružove, fialove, červene, biele, žlte, čierne, Modre, hnede, zelene, farebné. Dámská obuv | Lodičky – spoločenská obuv. Na večierok, plesovú sezónu, diskotéku, vip spoločnos, promócie, maturitný večierok, rodinnú oslavu. Nádherné lodičky s vysokým, ale aj s nízkym podpätkom. Kožené lodičky, imitácia kože, zebrový vzor, extravagantná spoločenská obuv, kvetované lodičky. Prezrite si našu ponuku podprseniek, plaviek, nohavičiek, košieľok a korzetov. Chlpatá vesta s kontrastným golierom v bielej farbe a košele s naberanými krátkymi rukávmi. Dámska blúzka ľahká bez rukávov, talianska módna kolekcia, vypracovaný priliehavý strih bez rukávov. Okraj rukávku jemne nariasený, jemná ružová farebná kombinácia s volánom,   ktorý lemuje výstrih a je predåžený dole. Celoprepínací blúzka s golierikom, ľahký vzdušný bavlnený materiál, tričko s glitrami, s manžetami, jednofarebné a na propínání.Blùzka s golierom a kravatou zdobenou mašličkám. Elegantná biela vypasovaná blúza z jemného krčeného ľahko priesvitného materiálu. Lacné dámske, pánske a detské tovary.Šperky a hodinky.Šport a zábava.Všetko pre děti.Zdraví a krása. Elektronika.Dom a záhrada.Kabelky a peňaženky.Značkové Čínske telefony

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Milan Modena Monza Naples Novara Padua Palermo Parma Perugia Pescara Prato Ravenna Reggio Calabria Rimini Rome Salerno Sassari Syracuse Taranto Terni Turin Trento Trieste Venice Verona Vicenza Jamaica Kingston, Jamaica Japan Abiko Ageo Aizuwakamatsu Akashi Akishima Akita Amagasaki Anjō Aomori Asahikawa Asaka Ashikaga Atsugi Beppu Chiba Chigasaki Chōfu Daitō Ebetsu Ebina Fuchu, Tokyo Fuji Fujieda Fujimi Fujinomiya Fujisawa Fukaya Fukui Fukuoka Fukushima Fukuyama Funabashi Gifu Habikino Hachinohe Hachiōji Hadano Hakodate Hamamatsu Handa Higashihiroshima Higashikurume Higashimurayama Higashiosaka Hikone Himeji Hino Hirakata Hiratsuka Hirosaki Hiroshima Hitachi Hitachinaka Hofu Hoya Ibaraki, Osaka Ichihara Ichikawa Ichinomiya Iida Ikeda Ikoma Imabari Inazawa Iruma Ise Isesaki Ishinomaki Itami Iwaki Iwakuni Iwatsuki Izumi, Osaka Jōetsu Kadoma Kagoshima Kakamigahara Kakogawa Kamagaya Kamakura Kanazawa Kariya Kashihara Kashiwa Kasuga, Fukuoka Kasugai Kasukabe Kawachinagano Kawagoe Kawaguchi Kawanishi Kawasaki Kiryu Kisarazu Kishiwada Kitakyushu Kitami Kobe Kōchi Kodaira Kofu Koganei Kokubunji Komaki Komatsu Koriyama Koshigaya Kumagaya Kumamoto Kurashiki Kure Kurume Kusatsu Kushiro Kuwana Kyoto Machida Maebashi Matsubara Matsudo Matsue Matsumoto Matsusaka Matsuyama Minoh Misato Mishima Mitaka Mito Miyakonojo Miyazaki Moriguchi Morioka Muroran Musashino Nagano Nagaoka Nagareyama Nagasaki Nagoya Naha Nara Narashino Neyagawa Niigata Niihama Niiza Nishinomiya Nishio Nobeoka Noda Numazu Obihiro Odawara Ōgaki Ōita Okayama Okazaki Okinawa Ōme Ōmuta Osaka Ota Otaru Otsu Oyama Saga Sagamihara Saitama Sakai, Osaka Sakata Sakura, Chiba Sanda Sapporo Sasebo Sayama Sendai Seto Shimizu Shimonoseki Shizuoka Soka Suita Suzuka Tachikawa Tajimi Takamatsu Takaoka Takarazuka Takasaki Takatsuki Tama Toda Tokorozawa Tokushima Tokuyama Tokyo Tomakomai Tondabayashi Tottori Toyama, Toyama Toyohashi Toyokawa Toyonaka Toyota Tsu Tsuchiura Tsukuba Tsuruoka Ube Ueda Uji Urasoe Urayasu Utsunomiya Wakayama Yachiyo Yaizu Yamagata Yamaguchi Yamato, Kanagawa Yao Yatsushiro Yokkaichi Yokohama Yokosuka Yonago Zama Jordan Amman Irbid Russiefa Zarqa Kazakhstan Aktau Aktobe Almaty Astana Atyrau Ekibastuz Karaganda Kokshetau Kostanay Kyzylorda Pavlodar Petropavl Rudniy Semey Shymkent Taraz Temirtau Oral Oskemen Kenya Eldoret Kisumu Machakos Mombasa Nairobi Nakuru Nyeri Thika Embu Kakamega Kuwait Kuwait City Kyrgyzstan Bishkek Osh Pakistan Abbottabad Bahawalnagar Bahawalpur Bhalwal Bhimber Burewala Chiniot Chishtian Dadu Daska Dera Ghazi Khan Faisalabad, (formerly Lyallpur) Gilgit Ghotki Gojra Gujar Khan Gujranwala Gujrat Hafizabad Hyderabad Islamabad Jacobabad Jaranwala Jhang Jhelum Kāmoke Karachi Kasur Khairpur Khanewal Khanpur Kohat Kotli AK Ladhewala waraich Lahore Larkana Mangora Mardan Mirpur AK Mirpur Khas Multan Muridke Muzaffarabad Muzaffargarh Nawabshah Okara Pakpattan Peshawar Pir Mahal Quetta Rahim Yar Khan Rawalpindi Sadiqabad Sahiwal Sargodha Shikarpur Sheikhupura Sialkot Sukkur Tando Adam Khan Wah Cantonment Panama Ciudad de Colón Panama City San Miguelito City Papua New Guinea Port Moresby Paraguay Asunción Ciudad del Este San Lorenzo Luque Capiatá Lambaré Fernando de la Mora Peru Arequipa Ayacucho Cajamarca Chiclayo Chimbote Chincha Alta Cuzco Huancayo Huánuco Huaraz Ica Iquitos Juliaca Lima Paita Piura Pucallpa Puno Sullana Tacna Talara Tarapoto Trujillo Tumbes Philippines Poland Białystok Bielsko-Biała Bydgoszcz Bytom Chorzów Częstochowa Dąbrowa Górnicza Elbląg Gdańsk Gdynia Gliwice Gorzów Wielkopolski Grudziądz Kalisz Katowice Kielce Koszalin Kraków Legnica Lublin Łódź Olsztyn Opole Płock Poznań Radom Ruda Śląska Rybnik Rzeszów Sosnowiec Szczecin Tarnów Toruń Tychy Wałbrzych Warsaw Włocławek Wrocław Zabrze Zielona Góra Portugal Almada Amadora Braga Coimbra Funchal Lisbon Porto Vila Nova de Gaia Puerto Rico Arecibo Bayamón Caguas Carolina Guaynabo Mayagüez Ponce San Juan Qatar Doha Romania Arad Bacău Baia Mare Botoşani Brăila Brașov Bucharest Buzău Cluj-Napoca Constanţa Craiova Drobeta-Turnu Severin Focşani Galaţi Iaşi Oradea Piatra Neamţ Piteşti Ploieşti Râmnicu Vâlcea Satu Mare Sibiu Suceava Timişoara Târgu-Mureş Russian Federation Abakan Achinsk Almetyevsk Angarsk Arkhangelsk Armavir Arzamas Astrakhan Balakovo Balashikha Barnaul Bataysk Belgorod Berezniki Biysk Blagoveshchensk Bratsk Bryansk Cheboksary Chelyabinsk Cherepovets Cherkessk Chita Derbent Dimitrovgrad Dzerzhinsk Elektrostal Elista Engels Grozny Irkutsk Ivanovo Izhevsk Kaliningrad Kaluga Kamensk-Uralsky Kamyshin Kazan Kemerovo Khabarovsk Khasavyurt Khimki Kirov Kislovodsk Kolomna Komsomolsk-on-Amur Korolyov Kostroma Kovrov Krasnodar Krasnoyarsk Kurgan Kursk Kyzyl Leninsk-Kuznetsky Lipetsk Lyubertsy Magnitogorsk Maykop Makhachkala Mezhdurechensk Miass Moscow Murmansk Murom Mytishchi Naberezhnye Chelny Nakhodka Nalchik Neftekamsk Nefteyugansk Nevinnomyssk Nizhnevartovsk Nizhnekamsk Nizhny Novgorod Nizhny Tagil Noginsk Norilsk Novocheboksarsk Novocherkassk Novokuybyshevsk Novokuznetsk Novomoskovsk Novorossiysk Novoshakhtinsk Novosibirsk Novy Urengoy Noyabrsk Obninsk Odintsovo Oktyabrsky Omsk Orekhovo-Zuyevo Oryol Orenburg Orsk Penza Perm Pervouralsk Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Petrozavodsk Podolsk Prokopyevsk Pskov Pyatigorsk Rostov-on-Don Rubtsovsk Ryazan Rybinsk Saint Petersburg Salavat Samara Saransk Sarapul Saratov Sergiyev Posad Serpukhov Severodvinsk Seversk Shakhty Shchyolkovo Smolensk Sochi Stary Oskol Stavropol Sterlitamak Surgut Syktyvkar Syzran Taganrog Tambov Tolyatti Tomsk Tula Tver Tyumen Ufa Ukhta Ulan-Ude Ulyanovsk Ussuriysk Veliky Novgorod Vladikavkaz Vladimir Vladivostok Volgodonsk Volgograd Vologda Volzhsky Voronezh Votkinsk Yakutsk Yaroslavl Yekaterinburg Yelets Yoshkar-Ola Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Zelenograd Zheleznodorozhny Zhukovsky Zlatoust Rwanda Kigali Réunion Saint-Denis Saint-Paul Saudi Arabia Dammam Jeddah Mecca Medina Riyadh Ta’if Buraydah Senegal Dakar Guediawaye Kaolack Mbour Pikine Saint Louis Thiès Ziguinchor Serbia Belgrade Čačak Kragujevac Leskovac Niš Novi Pazar Novi Sad Pristina Prizren Smederevo Subotica Zrenjanin Sierra Leone Freetown Singapore Singapore Slovak Republic Bratislava Košice Slovenia Ljubljana Maribor Somalia Mogadishu Hargeisa Berbera Kismayo Jamaame Merca Baidoa Burao Bosaso Erigavo Galkayo South Africa Alexandra Benoni Bloemfontein Boksburg Botshabelo Cape Town Chatsworth Durban East London Empangeni Eshowe Germiston Glenwood Hammarsdale Harrismith Johannesburg Kathlehong Kempton Park Khayelitsha Khutsong Kimberley KwaMashu Ladysmith Mount Edgecombe Mpumalanga Newcastle Newlands East Newlands West Nongoma Ntuzuma Pietermaritzburg Port Elizabeth Pretoria Richards Bay Roodepoort Soweto Springs Tembisa Umbilo Umhlanga Umlazi Vereeniging Vryheid South Korea Andong Ansan Anyang, South Korea Changweon Chechon Cheju Cheonan Cheongju Chinju Chonchu, Jeonju Chuncheon Chungju Eujeongbu Hanam Inchon, Incheon Iri Jeongju Kangnung, Gangneung Kimhae Kumi, Gumi Kunpo Kunsan, Gunsan Kuri, Guri Kwang myong Kwangchu, Gwangju Kyongju, Gyeongju Masan Mogpo Pohang Puchon, Bucheon Pusan, Busan Seongnam Seoul Shihung Suncheon, South Korea Suwon, Puwan Taebaek Taegu, Daegu Taejon, Daejeon Ulsan Wonju Yosu South Sudan Juba Spain Albacete Alcalá de Henares Alcorcón Algeciras Alicante Almería Badajoz Badalona Barakaldo Barcelona Bilbao Burgos Cartagena Castellón de la Plana Cadiz Córdoba Elche Fuenlabrada Getafe Gijón Granada L'Hospitalet de Llobregat Huelva Jaén Jerez de la Frontera A Coruña Las Palmas Leganés León Lleida Logroño Madrid Mataró Murcia Málaga Móstoles Ourense Oviedo Palma de Mallorca Pamplona Sabadell Salamanca San Cristóbal de La Laguna San Sebastián Santa Coloma de Gramenet Santa Cruz de Tenerife Santander Seville Tarragona Terrassa Valencia Valladolid Vigo Vitoria-Gasteiz Zaragoza Sri Lanka Colombo, Sri Lanka Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia Jaffna Kandy Moratuwa Sudan Al-Fashir Al-Qadarif Al-Ubayyid Kassala Khartoum North Khartoum Kosti Nyala Omdurman Port Sudan Wad Madani Suriname Paramaribo Swaziland Mbabane Sweden Gothenburg Malmö Örebro Stockholm Uppsala Västerås Eskilstuna Switzerland Basel Bern Geneva Lausanne Winterthur Zürich Montreux Syria Al Hasakah Ar Raqqah Aleppo Damascus Deir ez-Zor Hama Homs Latakia Qamishli Tajikistan Dushanbe Khujand Qurghonteppa Kulob Tanzania Arusha Dar es Salaam Dodoma Mbeya Morogoro Mwanza Shinyanga Tanga Zanzibar Bangkok Chiang Mai Hat Yai Khon Kaen Nakhon Ratchasima Nakhon Si Thammarat Nonthaburi Pak Kret Pattaya Surat Thani Udon Thani Togo Lomé Tunisia Bizerte Gabès Kairouan Sfax Sousse Tunis Turkey Adana Adapazarı Adıyaman Afyon Aksaray Alanya Ankara Antakya Antalya Aydın Balıkesir Batman Bayburt Bolu Bursa Çorlu Çorum Denizli Diyarbakır Edirne Elazığ Erzincan Erzurum Eskişehir Gaziantep Giresun Isparta İskenderun İstanbul İzmir İzmit Kahramanmaraş Karaman Kayseri Kırıkkale Konya Kütahya Malatya Manisa Mersin Ordu Osmaniye Samsun Siirt Sivas Şanlıurfa Tekirdağ Tokat Trabzon Uşak Van Turkmenistan Ashgabat Türkmenabat Daşoguz Uganda Kampala Ukraine Alchevsk Bila Tserkva Berdyansk Cherkasy Chernihiv Chernivtsi Dnipropetrovsk Donetsk Yenakiieve Yevpatoria Horlivka Ivano-Frankivsk Kamianets-Podilskyi Kamianske Kerch Kharkiv Kherson Khmelnytskyi Kiev Kramatorsk Kremenchuk Kropyvnytskyi Kryvyi Rih Luhansk Lutsk Lviv Lysychansk Makiivka Mariupol Melitopol Mykolaiv Nikopol Odessa Pavlohrad Poltava Rivne Sevastopol Sievierodonetsk Simferopol Sloviansk Stakhanov Sumy Ternopil Uzhhorod Vinnytsia Zaporizhia Zhytomyr United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Al-Aïn Dubai Sharjah United Kingdom Aberdeen Basildon Belfast Birmingham Blackburn Blackpool Bolton Bournemouth Bradford Brighton and Hove Bristol Cambridge Cardiff Chelmsford Cheltenham Colchester Coventry Crawley Derby Dudley Dundee Edinburgh Exeter Gateshead Glasgow Gloucester High Wycombe Huddersfield Ipswich Kingston upon Hull Leeds Leicester Liverpool London Luton Maidstone Manchester Middlesbrough Milton Keynes Newcastle upon Tyne Newport Northampton Norwich Nottingham Oldham Oxford Peterborough Plymouth Poole Portsmouth Preston Reading Rotherham Sheffield Shrewsbury Slough Southampton Southend-on-Sea St Helens Stockport Stoke-on-Trent Sunderland Swansea Swindon Telford Walsall Warrington West Bromwich Wolverhampton York United States Abilene, Texas Akron, Ohio Albuquerque, New Mexico Alexandria, Virginia Allentown, Pennsylvania Amarillo, Texas Anaheim, California Anchorage, Alaska Ann Arbor, Michigan Antioch, California Arlington, Texas Arlington, Virginia Arvada, Colorado Athens-Clarke County, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia Augusta-Richmond County, Georgia Aurora, Colorado Aurora, Illinois Austin, Texas Bakersfield, California Baltimore, Maryland Baton Rouge, Louisiana Bayamón, Puerto Rico Beaumont, Texas Bellevue, Washington Berkeley, California Billings, Montana Birmingham, Alabama Boise City (Boise), Idaho Boston, Massachusetts Bridgeport, Connecticut Brownsville, Texas Buffalo, New York Burbank, California Caguas, Puerto Rico Cambridge, Massachusetts Cape Coral, Florida Carolina, Puerto Rico Carrollton, Texas Cary, North Carolina Cedar Rapids, Iowa Chandler, Arizona Charleston, South Carolina Charlotte, North Carolina Chattanooga, Tennessee Chesapeake, Virginia Chicago, Illinois Chula Vista, California Cincinnati, Ohio Clarksville, Tennessee Clearwater, Florida Cleveland, Ohio College Station, Texas Colorado Springs, Colorado Columbia, Missouri Columbia, South Carolina Columbus, Georgia Columbus, Ohio Concord, California Coral Springs, Florida Corona, California Corpus Christi, Texas Costa Mesa, California Dallas, Texas Daly City, California Dayton, Ohio Denton, Texas Denver, Colorado Des Moines, Iowa Detroit, Michigan Downey, California Durham, North Carolina Edison, New Jersey El Monte, California El Paso, Texas Elgin, Illinois Elizabeth, New Jersey Elk Grove, California Erie, Pennsylvania Escondido, California Eugene, Oregon Evansville, Indiana Everett, Washington Fargo, North Dakota Fairfield, California Fayetteville, North Carolina Fontana, California Fort Collins, Colorado Fort Lauderdale, Florida Fort Wayne, Indiana Fort Worth, Texas Fremont, California Fresno, California Fullerton, California Gainesville, Florida Garden Grove, California Garland, Texas Gilbert, Arizona Glendale, Arizona Glendale, California Grand Prairie, Texas Grand Rapids, Michigan Green Bay, Wisconsin Greensboro, North Carolina Hampton, Virginia Hartford, Connecticut Hayward, California Henderson, Nevada Hialeah, Florida Hollywood, Florida Honolulu, Hawaii Houston, Texas Huntington Beach, California Huntsville, Alabama Independence, Missouri Indianapolis, Indiana Inglewood, California Irvine, California Irving, Texas Jackson, Mississippi Jacksonville, Florida Jersey City, New Jersey Joliet, Illinois Kansas City, Kansas Kansas City, Missouri Killeen, Texas Knoxville, Tennessee Lafayette, Louisiana Lakewood, Colorado Lancaster, California Lansing, Michigan Laredo, Texas Las Vegas, Nevada Lexington-Fayette County, Kentucky Lincoln, Nebraska Little Rock, Arkansas Long Beach, California Los Angeles, California Louisville-Jefferson County, Kentucky Lowell, Massachusetts Lubbock, Texas Madison, Wisconsin Manchester, New Hampshire McAllen, Texas McKinney, Texas Memphis, Tennessee Mesa, Arizona Mesquite, Texas Miami, Florida Miami Gardens, Florida Midland, Texas Milwaukee, Wisconsin Minneapolis, Minnesota Miramar, Florida Mobile, Alabama Modesto, California Montgomery, Alabama Moreno Valley, California Naperville, Illinois Nashville-Davidson County, Tennessee New Haven, Connecticut New Orleans, Louisiana New York, New York Newark, New Jersey Newport News, Virginia Norfolk, Virginia Norman, Oklahoma North Las Vegas, Nevada Norwalk, California Oakland, California Oceanside, California Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Olathe, Kansas Omaha, Nebraska Ontario, California Orange, California Orlando, Florida Overland Park, Kansas Oxnard, California Palmdale, California Pasadena, California Pasadena, Texas Paterson, New Jersey Pearland, Texas Pembroke Pines, Florida Peoria, Arizona Peoria, Illinois Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Phoenix, Arizona Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Plano, Texas Pomona, California Pompano Beach, Florida Ponce, Puerto Rico Port St. Lucie, Florida Portland, Oregon Providence, Rhode Island Provo, Utah Pueblo, Colorado Raleigh, North Carolina Rancho Cucamonga, California Reno, Nevada Richmond, California Richmond, Virginia Riverside, California Rochester, Minnesota Rochester, New York Rockford, Illinois Roseville, California Sacramento, California St. Louis, Missouri Saint Paul, Minnesota St. Petersburg, Florida Salem, Oregon Salinas, California Salt Lake City, Utah San Antonio, Texas San Bernardino, California San Buenaventura (Ventura), California San Diego, California San Francisco, California San Jose, California San Juan, Puerto Rico Santa Ana, California Santa Clara, California Santa Clarita, California Santa Rosa, California Savannah, Georgia Scottsdale, Arizona Seattle, Washington Shreveport, Louisiana Simi Valley, California Sioux Falls, South Dakota South Bend, Indiana Spokane, Washington Springfield, Illinois Springfield, Massachusetts Springfield, Missouri Stamford, Connecticut Sterling Heights, Michigan Stockton, California Sunnyvale, California Syracuse, New York Tacoma, Washington Tallahassee, Florida Tampa, Florida Tempe, Arizona Thornton, Colorado Thousand Oaks, California Toledo, Ohio Topeka, Kansas Torrance, California Tucson, Arizona Tulsa, Oklahoma Tyler, Texas Vallejo, California Vancouver, Washington Virginia Beach, Virginia Visalia, California Waco, Texas Warren, Michigan Washington, D.C. Waterbury, Connecticut West Covina, California West Palm Beach, Florida West Valley City, Utah Westminster, Colorado Wichita, Kansas Wilmington, North Carolina Winston-Salem, North Carolina Woodbridge Township, New Jersey Worcester, Massachusetts Yonkers, New York Uruguay Montevideo Salto, Uruguay Rivera Florida, Uruguay Flores, Uruguay Canelones, Uruguay Rocha, Uruguay Colonia, Uruguay Cerro Largo, Uruguay Paysandú, Uruguay Maldonado, Uruguay Río Negro, Uruguay Acarigua Araure Barcelona-Puerto La Cruz Barcelona, Venezuela Barinas Barquisimeto Baruta Cabimas Caracas Carúpano Catia la Mar Ciudad Bolívar Ciudad Guayana Ciudad Losada Coro Cumaná Departamento Vargas Guanare Guarenas La Victoria Los Teques Maracaibo Maracay Maturín Mérida, Venezuela Petare Puerto Cabello Punto Fijo San Cristóbal Valencia, Venezuela Valera Vietnam Buôn Ma Thuột Cẩm Phả Cần Thơ Đà Nẵng Đà Lạt Hải Phòng Hạ Long Hà Nội Hồ Chí Minh City Huế Long Xuyên Mỹ Tho Nam Định Nha Trang Quy Nhơn Rạch Giá Thái Nguyên Vinh Vũng Tàu Yemen Aden Hodeidah Sana'a Taiz Zambia 6 Chingola Copperbelt Zimbabwe Bulawayo Chitungwiza Democratic Republic of the Congo Bandundu Boma Bukavu Goma Isiro Kananga Kikwit Kindu Kinshasa Kisangani Kolwezi Likasi Lubumbashi Matadi Mbandaka Mbanza-Ngungu Mbuji-Mayi Mwene-Ditu Tshikapa Denmark 1 Copenhagen Djibouti Dominican Republic East Timor Dili Ecuador Egypt Al 'Arish Alexandria Al Fayyum Al Mansurah Al Minya Asyut Aswan Banha Bani Suwayf Cairo Damanhur El-Mahalla El-Kubra Giza Imbaba Ismaïlia Kafr Dawar Kena Luxor Port Said Shibin el-Kom Shubra al Khaymah Suez Suhaj Tanta Zagazig El Salvador Ahuachapán Apopa Ciudad Delgado Ilopango Mejicanos Nueva San Salvador San Martin San Miguel San Salvador Santa Ana Soyapango Equatorial Guinea Malabo Eritrea Asmara Estonia Tallinn Tartu Ethiopia Addis Ababa Bahir Dar Dessie Dire Dawa Gondar Jimma Mekele Nazareth Finland Espoo Helsinki Jyväskylä Lahti Oulu Tampere Turku Vantaa France Aix-en-Provence Amiens Angers Argenteuil Avignon Besançon Bordeaux Boulogne-Billancourt Brest Caen Clermont-Ferrand Dijon Grenoble Le Havre Le Mans Lille Limoges Lyon Marseille Metz Montpellier Montreuil Mulhouse Nancy Nantes Nice Nîmes Orléans Paris Perpignan Reims Rennes Rouen Saint-Étienne Strasbourg Toulon Toulouse Tours Villeurbanne Afghanistan Algeria Argentina Rosario Buenos Aires Córdoba Australia Sydney New South Wales Melbourne Brisbane Belarus Baranovichi Babaganoush Babruysk Barysaw Brest Gomel Grodno Lida Minsk Mogilev Mazyr Navapolatsk Orsha Pinsk Salihorsk Vitebsk Belgium Antwerp Bruges Brussels Charleroi Ghent Liège Namur Schaerbeek Benin Abomey Bohicon Cotonou Djougou Kandi Lokossa Natitingou Parakou Porto Novo Bhutan Thimphu Bolivia Cochabamba El Alto La Paz Oruro Potosí Santa Cruz Sucre Tarija Bosnia and Herzegovina Botswana Name Population Gaborone 191,776 (2006) Brazil Name Population Abaetetuba, Pará Alagoinhas, Bahia Alvorada, Rio Grande do Sul Altamira, Pará Americana, São Paulo Ananindeua, Pará Anápolis, Goiás Aparecida de Goiânia, Goiás Apucarana, Paraná Aracaju, Sergipe Araguaína, Tocantins Arapiraca, Alagoas Araraquara, São Paulo Araras, São Paulo Araçatuba, São Paulo Atibaia, São Paulo Bagé, Rio Grande do Sul Barbacena, Minas Gerais Barra Mansa, Rio de Janeiro Barreiras, Bahia Barretos, São Paulo Barueri, São Paulo Bauru, São Paulo Belford Roxo, Rio de Janeiro Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais Belém, Pará Betim, Minas Gerais Blumenau, Santa Catarina Boa Vista, Roraima Francisco Morato, Paraná Franco da Rocha, São Paulo Garanhuns, Pernambuco Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais Gravataí, Rio Grande do Sul Guarapuava, São Paulo Guaratinguetá, São Paulo Guarujá, São Paulo Guarulhos, São Paulo Hortolândia, São Paulo Ibirité, Minas Gerais Ilhéus, Bahia Imperatriz, Maranhão Indaiatuba, São Paulo Ipatinga, Minas Gerais Itaboraí, Rio de Janeiro Itabuna, Bahia Itaituba, Pará Itajaí, Santa Catarina Itapecerica da Serra, São Paulo Itapetininga, São Paulo Itapevi, São Paulo Itaquaquecetuba, São Paulo Itu, São Paulo Jaboatão dos Guararapes, Pernambuco Jacareí, São Paulo Jaraguá do Sul, Santa Catarina Jaú, São Paulo Jequié, Bahia João Pessoa, Paraíba Joinville, Santa Catarina Juazeiro, Bahia Juazeiro do Norte, Ceará Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais Jundiaí, São Paulo Lages, Santa Catarina Lauro de Freitas, Bahia Limeira, São Paulo Linhares, Espírito Santo Londrina, Paraná Luziânia, Goiás Macaé, Rio de Janeiro Macapá, Amapá Maceió, Alagoas Magé, Rio de Janeiro Manaus, Amazonas Marabá, Pará Maracanaú, Ceará Maringá, Paraná Marília, São Paulo Mauá, São Paulo Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo Mogi Guaçu, São Paulo Montes Claros, Minas Gerais Mossoró, Rio Grande do Norte Natal, Rio Grande do Norte Nilópolis, Rio de Janeiro Niterói, Rio de Janeiro Nossa Senhora do Socorro Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro Nova Iguaçu, Rio de Janeiro Novo Hamburgo, Rio Grande do Sul Olinda, Pernambuco Osasco, São Paulo Palmas, Tocantins Paranaguá, Paraná Parnaíba, Piauí Passo Fundo, Rio Grande do Sul Passos, Minas Gerais Patos de Minas, Minas Gerais Paulista, Pernambuco Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul Petrolina, Pernambuco Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro Pindamonhangaba, São Paulo Pinhais, Paraná Piracicaba, São Paulo Ponta Grossa, Paraná Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul Porto Velho, Rondônia Pouso Alegre, Minas Gerais Poços de Caldas, Minas Gerais Praia Grande, São Paulo Presidente Prudente, São Paulo Queimados, Rio de Janeiro Recife, Pernambuco Resende, Rio de Janeiro Ribeirão Pires, São Paulo Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo Ribeirão das Neves, São Paulo Rio Branco, Acre Rio Claro, São Paulo Rio Grande, Minas Gerais Rio Verde, Goiás Rio de Janeiro Rondonópolis, Mato Grosso Sabará, Minas Gerais Salvador, Bahia Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo Santa Cruz do Sul Santa Luzia, Minas Gerais Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul Santa Rita, Paraíba Santarém, Pará Santo André, São Paulo Santos, São Paulo São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo São Caetano do Sul, São Paulo São Carlos, São Paulo São Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro São João de Meriti, Rio de Janeiro São José de Ribamar, Maranhão São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo São José dos Campos, São Paulo São José dos Pinhais, Paraná São Jose, Santa Catarina São Leopoldo, Rio Grande do Sul São Luís, Maranhão São Paulo São Vicente, São Paulo Sapucaia do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul Serra, Espírito Santo Sertãozinho, São Paulo Sete Lagoas, Minas Gerais Sobral, Ceará Sorocaba, São Paulo Sumaré, São Paulo Suzano, São Paulo Taboão da Serra, São Paulo Tatuí, São Paulo Taubaté, São Paulo Teixeira de Freitas Teresina, Piauí Teresópolis, Rio de Janeiro Teófilo Otoni, Minas Gerais Timon, Maranhão Toledo, Paraná Tubarão, Santa Catarina Uberaba, Minas Gerais Uberlândia, Minas Gerais Uruguaiana, Rio Grande do Sul Varginha, Minas Gerais Várzea Grande, Mato Grosso Viamão, Rio Grande do Sul Vila Velha, Espírito Santo Vitória da Conquista, Bahia Vitória de Santo Antão, Pernambuco Vitória, Espírito Santo Volta Redonda, Rio de Janeiro Bulgaria Sofia Burkina Faso Ouagadougou Bobo Dioulasso Myanmar

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  • Lévne zeštíhlující prádlo,korzety. Stahovací pásy,body.Lacná zoštíhlujúca bielizeň, korzety. Spodnie prádlo stahovacie.Výpredaj:korzety.Bielizna odchudzająca.Gorsety wyszczuplajace i tanie pasy poporodowe.Wysprzedaże
  • Gelove nechty.Sady na gelove nechty.Vypredaje zlavy
  • Spodni pradlo.Bielizna.Lingerie
  • Dámské a pánské boty. Milé dámy nejdůležitějším dámským doplňkem je jednoznačně obuv. Vybíráme ty nejlepší modely, kterých u nás můžete najít více jak 2000. Nabízíme nejmódnější boty na každou sezónu. Samozřejmostí je perfektní design a trendy barvy. U nás nakoupíte za nejnižší cenu. Nabízíme: dámskou obuv, kotníkové boty, dámské boty, baleríny, botky, lodičky, holínky, žabky, dřeváky, kozačky, sandálky, tenisky a další. Cosmopolitus.Com. Lacné dámske topanky. - nejširší výběr dámské obuvi. 2000 párov. Lacné dámske topanky. Boty, čižmy výpredaj. Lacná obuv. Najširší výber dámskej obuvi. 
		Cosmopolitus. Milé dámy, najdôležitejším doplnkom oblečenia je jednoznačne obuv. Vyberáme tie najkrajšie kúsky. Samozrejmosťou je perfektný dizajn a trendy farby. Dámske topánky za najnižšiu cenu. Velký výběr dámské obuvi, máme viac ako 2000 modelov. Ponúkame: dámská obuv, tenisky, čižmy, válenky, sněhule, balerínky, lodičky, střevíce, vysoké plátenky topánky, lodičky, papuče, gumáky, šľapky, dreváky, žabky, vysoké a nízke , poltopánky, sandále, tramky, vysoké kozačky a inú obuv. Lacné dámske topanky a kvalitné dámska obuv skladom!
		Wysprzedaże: Buty damskie: kozaki,szpilki, czółenka, trampki, gorsety wyszczuplajace, paznokcie żelowe.Buty na wysokim obcasie, które jednocześnie są wygodne i lekkie jak sandały, baleriny, buty, drewniaki, espandryle, glany, japonki, klapki, koturny, kowbojki, kozaki, laczki, lity, muszkieterki, pary butów. Skóra naturalna skórzane czarne buty kozaki muszkieterki i buty zimowe, obcas niski, wysoki, średni oraz asymetryczne botki z asymetrycznym obcasem oraz kwadratowe lub prostokatne
  • Cosmopolitus calculator for your international shopping shipping parcel mail forwarding services. Nakupujte u Allegro.pl (portál s nejvetši nabidkou akcí ve Stredni Evrope!), Ebay.pl nebo v jiném polském internetovém obchode. My se postaráme o dodání zboží. Dopravíme Vám zboží z Polska.
Pomocí naší cenové kalkulačky si můžete předem spočítat kolik vás bude zboží přibližně stát.Už nemusíte jezdit do Polska nakupovat, nakupujte po internetu z domova. Napíšete nám císlo aukce, která Vás zajímá nebo adresu zboží z nejakého internetového obchodu. Cizinci vetšinou nemohou nakupovat na Allegro.pl atd. Lévne dámské boty , autodíly. Proč nakupovat dámské kabelky,boty a oblečení na Cosmopolitus mall?
Ceny v Polsku jsou nižší než ceny v Cesku! Dámské boty levně, více než 2000 modelu. Levné dámské oblečení více než 2000 modelu.
Oděvy: tuniky, blůzky, trička krátký rukáv, dlouhý rukáv, legíny, kalhoty.
Príslušenství na nehty více než 500 druhu. Dámské kabelky. Výprodej a slevy. Dámské boty v moderním provedení: baleríny, botky, lodičky, holínky, žabky, dřeváky, kozačky, sandálky, tenisky
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